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Mens Headshots
Womens Headshots


Thank you again so much for your work and professionalism! You really make this process super easy :)

-Shannon G.

Sorry it took so long to choose. There were many good choices!!

-Rich V.

My managers pics are as follows: I didn’t expect her to pic this many - she even said she would have picked more. She’s crazy about these shots 😍👍🏻🙌🏻

-Cassidy B.

I just wanted to say hi and thanks for everything! The photos you took of me came out amazing and I couldn’t be more content. Since getting my new headshots I have been getting more auditions and I even got signed to an agency last week!
You are awesome and so is your work :) 

-Rodney D.

Chris was such a joy to work with! He was able to capture the theatrical brand I was going for easily, and also was able to provide contrasting commercial shots that still look like me. Set was laid back, fun and professional. We took breaks in between looks/backgrounds to see what we liked together, and he gave insightful input on what he thought would stand out to casting directors. When my look changes, I'll be sure to go back to Chris!

-Brittany C.

-Robin K

Great headshots without spending your life savings! The photoshoot was extremely fun and confortable and the results are really professional. I love when my photographer is confident in their craft and Chris really was. I'll definitely be back when its time to update my headshots!

About me

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Hello! Please read the FAQs below. I've tried to answer every question I could come up with. If you think of more, please let me know so I can add them!



       As for me, my background is originally in Acting (Mr Mercedes, Into The Dark, commercials for Whirlpool, Geico, etc etc) . I have a BFA in Acting from Emerson College. However, since those halcyon days I have worn many hats. One has been photographer, something I've been doing for over 15 years now both in LA and NYC. Another hat, (and one that has been instrumental in my knowledge of headshot photography) has been my work in casting.  As you can see on my IMDb I have have held multiple casting positions over the years. I have worked on projects from giant studio features  (Warner Bros., Blumhouse) to TV (Hulu, Netflix) to musical theatre to print and commercial. What this has taught me is how to look at headshots like a casting director, to see what it is that makes someone respond to a photo and want to know more.


       This is what I want to do for you. I want you to have a picture that is arresting, that is inviting, that is intriguing and demands attention. And, importantly, I want that to be a picture of the YOU that walks in the room when the audition comes. Casting directors don't like surprises, therefor I like to get to know all my clients as best I can so that together we can discover the best version of you as you actually are.  The you that makes you stand out, photos that make your castability and talents clear.


      My greatest joy is hearing "since using your photos I've been getting more auditions",or "I landed an agent as soon as I started submitting with your shots" and I hear it pretty regularly. My prices are incredibly reasonable and I often have specials and promotions, so sign up for details. Check out the FAQs below and when you're ready, shoot me an email and lets make some great headshots.




How Much?

Welcome to Atlanta Package!

$150 for 1.5 hour shoot. (2-4 looks) 2 Retouched photos

Make-up (more important for women) $125 - This is highly recommended, my make-up artists are fantastic and I know you do your own hair and make-up everyday, but trust me, having a pro here on the day will catch so many issues and provide you with the best calling card for your career. 


Why you?


My experience in casting coupled with my experience in acting (I also coach acting and shoot and coach self-tapes) gives me the ability to create a performance which in turn creates a captivating image,, casting is always looking for something going on behind the eyes, together we will capture the intrigue that will get you noticed.


When do I need new headshots?


  • At a minimum you should be updating your shots every 2 years.

  • If you have had a hair change (length, color or changes to facial hair)

  • If you have aged, it’s time. It’s not professional to show up in a completely different demographic than your headshot.

  • If you’ve gained or lost a significant amount of weight. 

  • If you’ve been to Beverly Hills for a little nip or tuck you want new photos to show off the new you.

  • If you are consistently getting called in for the wrong type.

  • If your representation asks you to.

  • If styles have changed noticeably since your last session.


How do I get a great shot that really represents me?


Know yourself, and the means know how you are perceived. That’s it. Sounds easy right? Hopefully it is, but sometimes a little guidance is helpful. Here are some questions you can ask:


  • What is my character type? (Am I blue-collar or upper class? Am I the girl-next-door or the vixen - and be specific)

  • What are the shows currently or recently on TV where I could see myself in that world? Am I a dry single-camera comedy type (It’s Always Sunny…, Veep, The Office), a big, broad sit-com type (Big Bang Theory, Will and Grace) a day/evening soap type (Young and the Restless, This is Us), a procedural type (CSI, NCIS, Law and Order). Look for people with similar energy and essence as yourself and see what kind of shows they are in.

  • Ask people! Ask for a list of 5-10 adjectives that describe you.  The best for this is first impressions, so the first day of acting class is a great place to do this and not feel too strange. But hey, if you need to ask the barista at Starbucks and the lady behind you at the supermarket - do it. This is a great way to see how other people see you. Take your lists and compare. Note the overlapping adjectives and lean into it.

  • Embrace your real or perceived age, and don’t forget that you have to match your behavior with your age as well. If you are 40 and look 20 that’s great, but the difference in behavior is readily apparent to casting directors. Trust me. And you are not doing yourself any favors if you try and hide anything with your headshot because casting will see that the second you walk in the room, and if you waste their time because you look nothing like your headshot I guarantee you won’t be going back.

  • Know your brand and what you are selling. This really sums it up. Be realistic and honest with yourself and position yourself to actually book the work. Casting directors need to see who you are and why you are unique yet useful. They do not have time for ambiguity.


What are some ideas for clothing?


  • First take into account everything from above about knowing yourself.

  • No costumes. Feel free to wear things that might suggest a type of profession (like a button down and sport coat for a young professional or nice business blouse)

  • Layers almost always look good in photos so see what you have that you can layer.

  • Borrow from friends! 

  • Buy and return. Most places have a 30 day return policy so you can bring lots of choices and return whatever you decide you don’t want to keep.

  • Nothing see-through or too provocative.

  • Try to avoid busy patterns or prints that would pull the focus away from you. And above all make sure everything is CLEAN and FITS.

How should I credit you?


  • Oh jeez! Thanks for asking, that is very thoughtful. Please credit ChrisCarlislePhotography.com.  If posting on Instagram then @chriscarlislephotography. Please be respectful and @mention vs. tag. I am happy to tag you as well if you specifically would like me to.

What about make-up and hair?


  • For women i highly recommend using the fabulous Make-up Artists I work with. They will provide light hair-styling, make-up, even wardrobe and style advice and one adjustment to each during the shoot for only $125 (additional adjustments are $25 each)

  • For men I would recommend it if you have particularly unruly hair and/or want to change styles or you have challenging skin. These services for men are $100.

  • If you do your own make-up, keep it very light and please come as camera ready as possible. Heavy make-up will distract casting from who you are and might make them skip over your photo. Bring whatever products you need for light touch ups to your hair and make-up.


The Session:


  • Please show up a little before your appointment to leave some time for traffic and parking.

  • Your shoot will last 3-4 hours.

  • I will take about 50-75 shots per look.

  • Your photos will be available either in an Argentum Gallery or via dropbox

  • We will stop occasionally to review how things are going and looking. Your feedback is always encouraged.


How do you like to be paid:


  • When you confirm as a client you will be providing credit card information ONLY for the event of re-scheduling or cancellation (you will not be charged anything, all specifics will be sent prior to booking)

  • My preferred payment is Cash, Venmo or PayPal, however if you would like to use the credit card provided that is fine.